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Welcome to the Sportsflix website. By accessing our website and mobile applications (Android and iOS), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions before using and the App or submitting content in any form or medium for publication. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Your continued use signifies your acceptance of any new or revised terms and conditions that we establish. Please revisit the ‘Terms of Use’ link on our website periodically to remain informed of any modifications we may make.


Sportsflix is committed to protecting your right to privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. In order to acquire your trust and confidence in our commitment, we are disclosing all of our privacy practices. We encourage you to peruse our privacy statement so that you can understand the categories of personally identifiable information we collect and how we use it. Sportsflix reserves the right to modify its privacy policies in accordance with the requirements of the website, and we will notify you as soon as possible of any changes.


How we collect and use information


Sportsflix only gathers the essential personally identifiable information required to address your inquiries about our tailored offerings and services. The category of personally identifiable information encompasses several data points, including an individual’s first and surname name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number, hobbies, birth date, and any other details that might directly or indirectly establish one’s identity as a particular person.


The website in question refrains from gathering personally identifiable information unless it is explicitly and voluntarily provided by the user. Sportsflix utilizes users’ personally identifiable information for the purpose of managing the website and its services, as well as to provide updates on new features, services, and products offered by


Upon accessing, it is possible for us to transmit one or many cookies to your computer. These cookies consist of a short text file including a series of alphanumeric characters. Their purpose is to provide a unique identification for your browser, facilitating expedited login processes and improving your browsing experience on the Sportsflix website. Cookies have the potential to provide us with insights into your website use patterns, such as the specific pages you visit, the links you interact with, and other activities you engage in while browsing the site. Additionally, cookies enable us to monitor and analyse your long-term usage of A persistent cookie is a kind of cookie that is stored on the user’s hard drive even after the web browser has been closed. The browser has the capability to use persistent cookies during future visits to the website. Persistent cookies have the capability to be eliminated by adhering to the instructions provided by your web browser. A session cookie is of a transient nature and ceases to exist with the termination of the web browser session. Users have the option to modify their web browser settings in order to reject all cookies or get notifications when a cookie is being sent. Nevertheless, it is important to note that some functionalities of may have limitations or malfunctions in the event that the user disables the capability to accept cookies.


Sportsflix may also carefully select other companies to send you information about their products or services which are related to the site’s service but are not necessary to its operation (an “Extended Service”). If Sportsflix intends to use personally identifiable information for an Extended Service, the site will provide you with the ability and requisite instructions to decline this service. You may also stop the delivery of informational or promotional mail from by following the instructions on the mail.


Sportsflix may also engage in a discerning process to choose other organisations who will provide you with information about their goods or services that are relevant to the site’s service, but not essential to its functioning. This is referred to as a “Extended Service.” In the event that Sportsflix plans to use personally identifiable information for an Extended Service, the website will provide users the option and necessary guidance to reject this service. The cessation of receiving informative or promotional mail from may be achieved by adhering to the directions provided on the mail.


User/member interaction features offers a variety of services that facilitate the disclosure of user identities and enable communication among its members. The use of these services and the divulgence of any personal information, such as an email address, by the user via these features, are undertaken at the user’s own discretion and include inherent risks. Sportsflix assumes no liability for any consequences arising from such actions. In the event that an individual’s privacy has been compromised due to engagement with these functionalities, it is possible to report such incidents by means of electronic mail, namely at the address


Other Websites


The website has hyperlinks that direct users to several external web pages. Sportsflix has no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of those websites.


Notify Us


If there is ever a situation where you suspect that or its users/members have not complied with these principles, kindly inform Sportsflix by email at We will make every reasonable effort to swiftly identify and rectify the issue.


Your Content


The ability to write articles about a subject of personal preference, such as sports, affords individuals the opportunity to express their perspectives to readers through this particular medium. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that bloggers, writers, and authors refrain from infringing against copyright laws, which are designed to safeguard the integrity of unique creations. The website shall not assume liability for any material uploaded by its users. Nevertheless, we shall implement necessary measures to address any instances of plagiarized material that are reported by a visitor.


The primary purpose of publishing the information on this website is to facilitate the exchange of ideas among individuals and to promote widespread knowledge of sports. The opinions offered by bloggers, authors, or writers are subjective and lack the status of legal proof.



Request Data Deletion

It is possible to submit a formal request to the publishers of this platform, seeking the permanent deletion of all personal data associated with your account. In order to initiate the process of account data deletion, kindly submit a formal request using the designated channel provided at the following URL:




The aforementioned privacy policy is applicable to all platforms offered by Sportsflix, including the mobile applications designed for Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems.