Andre Trenton, a former footballer, was refused entry to Ibiza after being caught with cocaine at Gatwick Airport last month. One deal bag of cocaine was seized from his suitcase, and four more were retrieved from a pair of shorts.

Trenton was flagged down by police as he walked through passport check due to a violation of a royal order related to past narcotics charges. Prosecutor Christina Rowberry spoke regarding the incident:

The Kent Police Department picked him up on that warrant when he was waiting at the airport’s boarding gate. His person yielded several packages of the drug cocaine. He told the police that “it had to be weekend leftovers.”

Trenton’s legal problems have worsened after he recently violated a community order. He is now charged with a Class A narcotics felony. The two-year order was issued by Maidstone Crown Court in January 2022, and it compelled the ex-Dartford and Ebbsfleet player to undertake 80 hours of unpaid labour.

Trenton was charged after admitting to selling 2.8 kilograms of cannabis-flavored toffee crumble, cannabis resin, and oil, according to the ruling.

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