Despite investing £1 billion, Chelsea, according to William Gallas, do not have a roster capable of winning the Premier League. He believes the Blues have too many young players and need to get more experienced players to go across the finish line.

Chelsea has restructured their team, signing 22 players in the previous year. To balance out the roster, they’ve also sold a few players, including Mason Mount and Kai Havertz.

Gallas told Gambling Zone that Chelsea seemed to be floundering in the transfer market. He went on to say that they can’t win with kids and are only concerned with the future:

I get the impression that Chesea doesn’t know what they’re doing. They seem to be planning for the future rather than seeking to win the Premier League this season, as seen by their signing of several young players to contracts that average seven to eight years in length. This worries me.

You won’t go far in the Premier League with an inexperienced squad. Mixing is essential. Thiago Silva, Raheem Sterling, Reece James, and Ben Chilwell are the only players with Premier League winning experience. Young people make up the remaining group. The next season will be challenging.

The Blues have struggled thus far this season in the Premier League, winning just one in four outings.

William Gallas urged that Chelsea not bring in Nicolas Jackson but instead acquire another striker

Chelsea, according to William Gallas, needed another striker capable of scoring 20-25 goals every season. He does not think Nicolas Jackson can accomplish it for the Blues, despite the fact that it should have been one of their key priorities this summer.

Gallas stated to Gambling Zone:

“Cheap Chelsea need one scorer and perhaps one veteran midfielder. They need a striker, and although Jackson has shown promise, he is still young and has plenty to learn. I doubt he will be able to provide Chelsea with enough goals to win the Premier League.

I believe Jackson is a very talented young player with a lot of promise, but I don’t think he’ll score the 20-25 goals your team needs to win the Premier League.

Jackson has only scored once this season, and their other attacking acquisition, Christopher Nkunku, is out injured for the first half of the season. According to the Daily Telegraph, the Frenchman will return in January.

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