With the Luis Rubiales scandal still raging, another well-known media figure has taken up arms against the Spanish FA official. During her performance at the Starlite festival, famous singer Lola Indigo addressed the sad situation on stage, calling out Rubiales in the process.

The tide has turned against the 46-year-old official as a result of his behavior at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup post-final celebration ceremony. Following a hard-fought 1-0 victory against England, the Spanish players headed to the platform to accept their awards. In an odd reactive moment, Luis Rubiales seized Jennifer Hermoso’s head to lay a kiss on her lips as soon as she stepped onto the stage.

As a result, several notable personalities, like Lola Indigo, criticized the former Spanish defender. During her concert in Marbella, the 31-year-old Spanish performer took a few seconds on stage to convey her thoughts on the aforementioned dispute.

Indigo expressed sadness for having to speak about someone “who has wanted to steal the limelight because he doesn’t even know where to go” while applauding the female players on their historic achievement.

She went on to say:

“How is a girl like us going to have the guts to make a complaint if here, when there are cameras in front that show it, photographs that show it, they throw a press conference on that guy to tell what he cares about? He gets the victory, and there are many palmeros rooting for him. Why does a female have to step outside and make a statement when a camera has already captured the action and all eyes are on her?

Rubiales’ choice to deny any misconduct in the case perplexed the musician, who expected the RFEF president to go down fighting to defend his innocence.

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