Mason Greenwood of Getafe CF is expected to move into a grandiose villa in an affluent Madrid area where Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Sergio Ramos, and Luka Modric all have homes.

Greenwood, an English attacker on loan at Getafe in La Liga, is ready to resume his career in Spain after being approved for a return to sport after his arrest in January 2022 on an alleged sexual assault accusation. The 21-year-old might potentially relocate to Spain’s Beverly Hills, a posh neighborhood of Madrid, with his fiancรฉe and small kid.

Manchester United have committed to help the attacker when he returns to football after a protracted absence, and have agreed to pay a rumoured ยฃ8,000 monthly rent for whatever luxurious property the kid chooses.

Mason Greenwood may choose between two districts 20 minutes apart, both of which are home to some of Spain’s wealthiest people and are distinguished by vast homes, security guards, luxury golf courses, and perimeter fence. He will either reside in La Finca, where Cristiano Ronaldo has a magnificent property, or at La Moraleja, where Luka Modric and his family dwell.

The property will give Greenwood with enough room to host family and friends in order to encourage him through his possibly difficult comeback to professional football in Spain. His home club will also continue to assist him, paying for a translator and contributing more than half of his ยฃ75,000-per-week salary throughout his season-long stay in Spain.

The status of Mason Greenwood's comeback is still unknown

Mason Greenwood was exonerated and maintains his innocence on all accusations, admitting that he made errors in his relationship. Manchester United studied the 21-year-old’s case internally before deciding to allow him to resume his career elsewhere, on loan.

The Red Devils have promised their support for the England international, but have made it plain that he must earn his way back into the team after being away for 20 months. His number 11 jersey at the club has been given to big-money attacker Rasmus Hojlund while he stays in Spain to resurrect his career.

Getafe received widespread outcry after taking on Greenwood on loan due to the delicate nature of his situation. The Spanish club, on the other hand, is pleased with the player and has given him an opportunity.

When questioned, Getafe manager Jose Bordalas said that he discussed the club’s pursuit of Greenwood with his wife and that he is prepared to give the young man a chance to rehabilitate himself.

Mason Greenwood has taken up residence in the number 12 shirt and is keen to go back to the top of his game. He is looking forward to facing the greatest teams in Spain and demonstrating how mature he has become in the previous 20 months.

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