In light of recent speculations suggesting Neymar’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), there was widespread anticipation over his potential reintegration into the club that first propelled him to global prominence, Barcelona. Nevertheless, according to esteemed sports writer Fabrizio Romano, Neymar declined the opportunity to return to Barcelona, citing the presence of manager Xavi as a determining factor.

According to a source, it has been stated that the Brazilian striker has reached an agreement for a two-year contract with Al Hilal, a Saudi Arabian football club. As part of this transaction, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is expected to receive a substantial price amounting to about €100 million. This information has been sourced from Fabrizio Romano. During the current summer transfer window, Al Hilal has successfully acquired many prominent players, including Kalidou Koulibaly, Ruben Neves, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, and former Barcelona winger Malcom.

In his podcast titled “Here We Go,” Romano provided valuable insights into Neymar’s deliberate choice to decline an offer from his previous club. As to Romano’s account, the winger, aged 31, expressed his reluctance to return to Camp Nou while Xavi holds the position of manager.

During a span of two seasons, Xavi’s presence on the field alongside Neymar had a significant role in impeding the latter’s potential reunion with Barcelona. In contrast to the viewpoint held by the board, which exhibited enthusiasm towards the arrival of the Brazilian player, Xavi held the opinion that his acquisition constituted a luxury signing.

According to Romano (cited in Barca Universal), the Spanish strategist expressed a reluctance to introduce Neymar into the team, as his reputation for having a polarising personality may potentially shatter the harmonious atmosphere inside the dressing room.

This revelation is somewhat surprising, particularly in light of the recent statement made by the club’s captain, Sergi Roberto. During an interview, Roberto made a statement as reported by Sport.

“I engaged in a conversation with Neymar, during which he expressed a notable level of enthusiasm on his forthcoming reunion with Barcelona.”

I want for Neymar to return to Barcelona. I have a profound admiration for Neymar, owing to the multitude of experiences we had during his tenure at the club. He has divergent skills, which are considered a significant ability.

It seems like Xavi’s desire is being fulfilled, as Neymar appears to be on the verge of joining Al Hilal for a substantial financial agreement. Barcelona is now engaged in ongoing efforts to identify possible acquisitions, with particular emphasis on bolstering their roster in the right-back and midfield positions.

The separation between Barcelona and Neymar occurred in 2017

Barcelona successfully resisted the advances of other prominent European clubs when they secured the acquisition of Neymar from Santos in 2013. The attacker, originally from Sao Paulo, had a successful tenure of four seasons at Camp Nou, during which he achieved a remarkable record of 105 goals and 76 assists. This impressive performance led to his involvement in the acquisition of nine trophies.

Nevertheless, in a deal that caused significant reverberations among the global football community, the Brazilian player made a decision to change his loyalty in 2017, choosing to go to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for an unprecedented cost of €222m, setting a new record in the sport.

Neymar has accumulated a total of 173 games for the prominent French football club, resulting in the acquisition of 14 significant accolades. However, it is worth noting that the coveted UEFA Champions League title has eluded them so far.

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