Arsenal do not have a player like former Chelsea star Diego Costa, according to pundits Rory Jennings and Ade Oladipo. They feel Mikel Arteta’s team lacks someone who can score a goal out of nowhere and average 25-30 goals every season.

Arsenal were defeated by Fulham last week despite being down to ten men. They were 2-1 ahead when the opponents were sent off, but Joao Palhinha scored to tie the game.

Rory and Ade remarked on a podcast that the major problem with Arsenal’s team is a striker. According to Rory Jennings (via talkSPORT):

“I can tell what they’re lacking… It’s not that they don’t have enough goals on the squad; they do, but do they have the player who can bail them out when they need it? Do they have a Diego Costa 2015 who just steals the one-nil winner? But the issue is, do they really need him?”

Ade Oladipo replied:

“I believe they do need that individual. Every team today needs a guy who can score you 25-30 points or simply be that exceptional player who can do something when you need it.”

Last season, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard both scored 15 goals for Arsenal, making them the club’s best scorers in the Premier League.

In order to increase their midfield scoring, Arsenal acquired Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz had a difficult time at Chelsea, but Arsenal paid £65 million to sign him this summer. Mikel Arteta is sure that the German can assist them from midfield, but he has implored supporters to be patient with the 24-year-old.

Arteta stated to the media after the Fulham tie that Havertz had what it took to win over the fans:

“I believe so. I believe he has already done some very excellent things, and today was difficult for him in some ways. He went into some good spots again, but the ball didn’t come his way, and he was in a lot of trouble. He should have scored a number of goals already this season, and that’s the thing that’s lacking.”

Arsenal supporters have already turned against the former Chelsea player, calling for him to be withdrawn from the starting lineup. This week, Gary Neville and other experts have asked for the same thing.

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