According to reports, it is anticipated that the first appearance of Rasmus Hojlund, the forward for Manchester United, would occur subsequent to the next intermission in international football fixtures.

Hojlund’s acquisition by the Red Devils from Atalanta during the last summer transfer window was executed via a financial agreement amounting to £72 million. Nevertheless, the Danish forward is now grappling with a back ailment and has yet to make an appearance for the club.

According to writer Samuel Luckhurst, supporters of Manchester United will need to exercise patience for a few further weeks before seeing the on-field performance of Hojlund. It is anticipated that he would be absent for their next matches against Nottingham Forest at their home stadium on August 26 and Arsenal at the Emirates on September 3.

Manchester United sought to acquire a striker during the summer transfer window, after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in November. Anthony Martial has shown a propensity for being susceptible to injuries, as seen by his limited participation in competitive matches during the previous season, amounting to a just 29 appearances. Within these games, he managed to score nine goals and provide three assists.

In light of Hojlund’s ongoing recuperation process, manager Erik ten Hag has made the decision to include Marcus Rashford in the starting lineup for the team’s first two matches of the season. Nevertheless, the performance of the English attacker has been quite underwhelming, particularly in light of his inclination towards occupying the left flank position.

Manchester United is anticipated to seek the prompt return of Hojlund to the team, a development that is expected to result in Rashford’s relocation to the left side as well. Hojlund, a 20-year-old player, had a commendable performance in the Serie A league for Atalanta during the previous season. He successfully netted a total of nine goals and contributed with four assists over 32 games.

In addition, he has scored a total of six goals in six matches for the Danish national team since making his debut at the senior level in September of the previous year.

The significance of Rasmus Hojlund's comeback to Manchester United, as described by Dimitar Berbatov.

Dimitar Berbatov, a former striker for the renowned football club Red Devils, has expressed his perspectives about the underwhelming performances shown by Marcus Rashford in his role as a central attacker during the current season. The individual elucidated that the English individual necessitates the return of Rasmus Hojlund in order to partake in his favored position on the left flank.

In his statement to Betfair, Berbatov conveyed

Marcus Rashford’s start in the starting lineup has been detrimental to Manchester United. It’s common knowledge that he’s at his best when he’s out on the wing, when he can use his quickness to cut in and score.


The striker position at Manchester United is vacant, and Rashford is unlikely to be happy in that role. He and Ten Hag must discuss this.


He added:

You can’t hurry Rasmus Hojlund’s recovery and reintegration into the squad if he is still nursing an injury. They’ll get the ball to him in the area and let Rashford do what he does best—cut in from the flanks and score goals.

During the 2022-23 season, Rashford shown remarkable performance by achieving a total of 30 goals and 11 assists in 56 appearances across all tournaments. Nevertheless, he has not been able to reproduce that level of performance in the current season.

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