According to talkSPORT, there is interest from an unidentified football club in Albania to get the services of Mason Greenwood, as he is expected to go from Manchester United in the near future.

Greenwood, a player who has remained loyal to the Red Devils throughout his professional journey, is now seeking opportunities outside of Old Trafford in order to rejuvenate his career. This decision has been made after to a comprehensive internal inquiry into the player.

In January 2022, Greenwood was apprehended and formally accused of engaging in attempted rape, assault, and coercive control. In February, the accusations against the individual in question were dismissed as a result of the withdrawal of crucial witnesses and the emergence of fresh evidence.

Following the dismissal of charges, Manchester United initiated an internal inquiry into the occurrence, ultimately resulting in a collaborative decision to terminate their association with the 21-year-old striker. The statement issued by United Airlines stated:

Mason’s return to action for Manchester United has been met with widespread acknowledgement of the challenges this poses for all parties concerned. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for him to accomplish it somewhere other than Old Trafford, and we’ll be working with Mason to make that happen.

In recent times, there has been speculation over Greenwood’s probable transfer to the Saudi Pro League, particularly to Al Ettifaq. Manager Steven Gerrard promptly refuted these allegations as “false information” through his Instagram account.

Presently, talkSPORT has acquired evidence indicating that a team from Albania is displaying genuine interest in securing the services of Mason Greenwood.

Italian media reports that Roma are not interested in signing Mason Greenwood from Manchester United.

Italian football writer Filippo Biafora has provided clarification about the speculation surrounding the future of Manchester United attacker Mason Greenwood, particularly in relation to a prospective transfer to Roma. Biafora firmly said that the prominent Italian football clubs exhibit no inclination towards acquiring the services of the 21-year-old English player.

In response to a query from a fan on the social media platform Twitter, the journalist stationed in Rome expressed their thoughts (as reported by DailyPost).

I think it’s safe to say that “Greenwood is perhaps the only player the club has officially denied in recent weeks – and it still holds true today.”

The aforementioned remark effectively puts an end to any conjecture over Greenwood’s potential transfer to Jose Mourinho’s Roma during the next summer period. This disclosure closely follows United’s recent declaration about Greenwood’s prospective trajectory. The statement released by the club has generated a significant amount of curiosity about the future plans of the promising striker. However, according to Biafora’s sources, a transfer to Rome is not currently being considered.

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